Professor Michael Adams CALD Orientation Power Point

1. The CALD Standards for Australian Law Schools as Adopted 17 November 2009 and Amended to March 2013

2. CALD Standards Introductory Context Statement March 2014

3. CALD Standards Final Version as adopted 17 November 2009 Booklet

4. CALD Standards Final version as adopted 17 November 2009

5. Threshold Learning Outcomes LLB

6. Threshold Learning Outcomes JD

7. The Council of Australian Law Deans Good Practice Guide to Teaching Statutory Interpretation

8. CALD Honours Position Statement Final 28 August 2012

9. CALD Masters Position Statement 8 October 2012 and Amended July 2014

10. CALD Masters Position Statement 8 October 2012

11. Promoting Law Student Well-Being Good Practice Guidelines for Law Schools March 2013 and revised September 2014

12. Promoting Law Student Well-Being Good Practice Guidelines for Law Schools March 2013

13. BMRI Report on Law Student & Practitioner Attitudes Towards Depression

14. Best Practices: Australian Clinical Legal Education Sept 2012

15. Statement giving effect to Recommendation 1.6 of the Bowrey Report: Standing Committee on Research and Scholarship March 2014

16. Assessing Research Performance in the Discipline of Law - Report by Professor Kathy Bowrey

17. Specialist and General Law Journal Ranking - Prof Bowrey Report

18. CALD Statement on the Nature of Legal Research, October 2005

19. Suggested Publication Categories for a Research Publications Database, 1997

20. Revised Uniform Admission Rules. A Report of the Law Admissions Consultative Committee, February 2002

21. Formal CALD Submission to the Bradley Review

22. Joint Submission to the Bradley review of Higher Education, August 2008

23. Submission to DEST: Review of the Impact of the Higher Education Support Act 2003: Funding Cluster Mechanism, February 2007

24. Funding of Legal Education. A Resource Document for Deans. Developed by the Council of Australian Law Deans, December 2000

25. CALD Media Release about situation in Pakistan, November 2007

26. CALD Open letter to General Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan, November 2007

27. CALD Statement on David Hicks, June 2006

28. Data Regarding Law School Graduate Numbers & Outcomes, November 2016